Writings of four generations of related women

Rosemary Morris Yaco

My mother

Edith Fox Morris

Rosemary’s mother

Fiction ca 1940 – 1965

Gratia Housler Fox

Rosemary’s maternal grandmother

Autobiographical pieces ca 1930 – 1954

Lydia Mantle Fox

Rosemary’s maternal great-aunt
Washington, D. C. business womanLydia Mantle Fox


Amanda Hastings Bowerman

Rosemary’s maternal great-grandmother
Civil War widow and mother of nine children

Will and court papers

 Malvina Bowerman Anderson

Rosemary’s maternal great-great aunt

Civil War widow

Fiction and court papers

Nora Gowdy Morris

Rosemary’s paternal grandmother

Diaries 1898 – 1927

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