A century of related women’s writing

Four generations of women in my family are portrayed here, with their fiction, autobiographies, and court records. Although related, their paths in life varied dramatically. My mother was raised in Michigan but writes about her years in West Africa. Her mother, grandmothers, and a great-great aunt lived in small towns in Michigan and Colorado, and rarely traveled. Her grand-aunt was raised in New York and became a successful business woman in Washington D. C. Her great-grand mother came from a pioneer family that moved from New York state to the wilds of Ohio and Michigan.

Rosemary Morris Yaco (1930-2023)

Generation one
Lynne Lewis West Africa Murder Mysteries 2004- 2013

Edith Fox Morris (1902-1965)

Generation two: Rosemary’s mother
Fiction ca 1940-1965

Gratia Housler Fox (1882-1950)

Generation three: Rosemary’s maternal grandmother
Autobiographical pieces ca 1930 – 1954

Lydia Mantle Fox (1861-1958)

Generation three: Rosemary’s maternal great-aunt
Washington, D. C. business woman


Nora Gowdy Morris (1871-1928)

Generation three: Rosemary’s paternal grandmother

Diaries 1898 – 1927

Amanda Hastings Bowerman (1815-1891)

Generation four: Rosemary’s maternal great-grandmother
Civil War widow and mother of nine children

Will and court papers

Malvina Bowerman Anderson (1839-1909)

Generation four: Rosemary’s maternal great-great aunt
Civil War widow

Fiction and court papers

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