Nora Gowdy Diaries - 1898




  February 1 weather bright temperature zero  
  Worked all day at the factory. Took my dinner. Visited with Miss North at noon.  
  February 2 thermometer zero minus six degrees  
  Mama at Mrs. Foote's most of the day. Jack got dinner and tea. I slept in Mama's bed [room].
Susan Pelham Gowdy
Mama is Susan Pelham Gowdy.
  February 3rd weather cold temperature zero  
  Mama came home about ten o'clock last and -- -- baby as Mrs. Foote's. Worked all day as usual -- to go to the Keystone dance and got as far as Holmes Street came back and Charles spent the evening here and we had ran time. We discussed, swept out it was better than the ants. [Very messy page over writing]
 LeGrand Gowdy

Her father, LeGrand Gowdy died four years before this diary, in 1894.

  February 4th weather cold temperature minus four  
  'a rose in thorn' Another lover's quarrel?
  Went to work. Banks asked to come over Saturday. He also has asked ... and Miss North. Walked home with Mr. Morris to and from dinner. Had a nice time with Lena at night. Walked home with Miss Hopkins at night.  
  February 5th weather mild and bright  
  Today finishes up one week without break. Work well. This evening the people on Anna had visited came and we had a nice time. ... and Charles went home together. We're going to see Faust next Monday night. Mr. Fift did not come.  
  February 6 weather warm and bright  
  Had breakfast at 930 A.M.. Did not go to church. Did up the work. Mrs. Barnhart came after Mama as Mrs. What was having some trouble. Mama went over there. After she came back I went, stopped at Mrs. Emerson's and Mrs. Waters. A just a year today since Mrs. W. sprained her ankle. Went asleep after dinner and slept until 7 o'clock when A.G. came. He been here but a short time when Mort came. Ila is still sick but better. Anna went with the L.O.F(?) M. to Mrs. Wells farm. Mort took our washing for her to do. Took B. of F. [bicarbonate of ?] It is helping me very much. Wrote to Levi Barbour. A.G. Albert Grant Gowdy
 A.G., Albert Grant Gowdy, is Nora's second oldest brother
  February 8 weather rainy  
  [At the top of the page] a letter from Banks yesterday.  
  Did not go work today work yesterday all day and went to see Faust in the evening and proved too much for my nerves. Had a fainting fit after[wards] Idah and Jack had to go and get Dr. Gamble. Did not feel much like writing. He and Charles walked over me to carry me to Mama's and Harry went for the doctor. Harry carried me into Mama's room where I finished the night.

Today have been so weak and slept all day. Mrs. Jagger and Minnie called but I did not see them. Mama went to Mrs. Foote's to dress the baby. Mrs. F. is getting along nicely. Rained. Rain has fallen since about 5 P.M. Charles was intending to come down but did not. A donation was appointed for Mr. Collin tonight at George Parker's (??).

Tibbit's Opera House handbill.
Faust was put on at Tibbit's Opera House.
  February 9 weather dull and rain  
  Went to work this morning but found it so hard that I did not go back after dinner. Mama went up to Anna's to stay with Ila while A. went to a sewing circle. More was here are a moment this A.M. also at the factory. Mama did not back to 6 o'clock. I'm telling slept all the P.M. to find o'clock. Got up into supper. Mama did up the work, had the dinner dishes as well to do. Jack did not come home directly from the store. Charles did not come, as I suppose the rain was too much for him. I wrote him letter.  
  February 10 with their warm and bright  
  Slept some and worked on my Afghan in the forenoon. With over to Mrs. Waters and Mrs. Legar's. Mr. Van land called after Mama went uptown. After she came Mrs. Diamond called, she stayed till most supper time. Look for Charles tonight but he did not come. Dr. Gamble says the some medicine and I feel better tonight. B. of T.? Have given up going into the factory again. To hard work. This has been a very bright warm day almost like summer.  
  February 11th weather dull and warm  
  Mama was too sick to wash the dishes and laid down and slept. Tried to do the boys room but was tired out.
Mama got better and she to the dinner and did up the work. I to laid down most of the P.M.. Mrs. Wilbur called the P.M.. I did not see her as I was laying in the Parlor and did not get up. Jack and Minnie to see, Marie Jansen, in the Nancy Hawks. A surprise [surprise party] on Daisy Allen tonight but I was not invited. Wrote a letter to Pearl. It does not so to been at all so may not send it. Went into Mrs. Legar's on errand for Mama. Retired at 945.
Doing up the work seems to mean general housekeeping, sweeping floors, picking the newspaper etc.
  February 12th dull and warm  
  Letter from Ida. Orlando shot himself last week. Ida Gowdy Cornell is Nora's sister.
  Made molasses cookies in the A.M. went to all papers for sugar. ... Mrs. Trimmersons' . Mama in Mrs. Waters went to the farmers Institute. I went into Mrs. Legars' in the P.M.. She's not very well. Went to factory at 6, got my pay ($2.00) saw Mr. Tappan he says I can back to work when I get well again.
Walked home with Mr. Morris and went to Lena Springs ate dinner with her, was very tired when I got home. Chas came home with Mama from the Institute, said he would be down in the evening, but did not come. Went to the Lincoln Club I expect. Jack went a little walk at came home a waste talked till midnight. Mr. Morris' birthday - 27 years.
  February 13 bright and cold  
  Mama in Jack went to church. I did up the work and started a letter to Katie. Arthur Van Akin came home with Wilcox to dinner. After dinner the three went to the Presbyterian Church to C.E. Rally. Enjoyed very much. Anna, Mort , Ila and A.G. or home. I went to church in the evening, but did not stay to sermon. Came home and finished in letter to Katie. Dictated a letter to Wilcox's mother for him. The first he has written since he left home.  
  February 14 mild some snow  
  When up town in the A.M.. Went to the Courier office. Dr. Gamble's and to A.G.'s store. Mr. Bloam, an agent. He was not there, he's taking the vacations. Stopped at Ella's on my way home. She is well. Came home at 11 ... Took some of the 'trimmings' to Grace Legar. Mended jacks coat, sewed buttons under Wilcox's coat and mended Mama's dress shirt.
... for the Courier. Wrote to Howard Harris and sent papers. Sent a Valentine to Banks. Jack came home early we visited till nearly 10 o'clock. Ila was scalded today but not badly. Sent her some ribbon, and Anna a sash.
"She is well." usually is used to describe pregnancy.
  Tuesday February 15 The Yellow Kid
USS Maine sinks in Havana harbor, cause unknown. Hearst newspapers, using the 'Yellow Kid', call for war with Spain. This kind of journalism will become known as 'Yellow Journalism'
  Weather like summer thermometer 63
  this pp. Marion S.
  Several -- -- day Mrs. Troopers came P.M. and we had a good visit. Waited for Jack till 8:45 and he did not come home so I went to bed. Mama sewed with me all day.
  February 16 weather bright  
  Mrs. Barnhart went home today she came in to say goodbye. Ella Cooley called in the afternoon. Slept most of the P.M.. Sewed a anyway  a little while. Waited for Jack to 845 just gave up when he came. Mama went to the market. I was at home all alone. Mama stopped at Mrs. Burton's on her way home.  
  February 17 weather clear bright warm  
  Sewed rags in the A.M. went to Minnie's. Mrs. Foote's and Mrs. Richards and P.M.. Mama went to Foote's in P.M. and stayed till evening when she Jack and many went to the Opera House to see "Shore Arms". I got supper. Wilcox went to prayer meeting. Charles came in the evening and we had at extra good time.  
  February 18 weather dull and rainy  
  Went to Mrs. G.. with Mama got some jobs to paint. Some racks. Mama went and dressed the baby. I went into Mrs. Legar's to hem her skirt for it was not ready. Washed the dinner dishes. Mrs. Knapp called. Jack brought news of Belle Cornell's death . On the Mrs. L.'s skirt in the P.M.. Went to Mrs. Jagger's for the hemline? Delivery? Town (bead trimming?). Waited for Jack to 850 and he did not come so I went to bed. Belle Cornell may be Ida Gowdy Cornell's mother-in-law
  February 19 weather rain  
  Sewed in the morning and cleaned Mama's closet. In the afternoon made my rug over and fixed my blue shirtwaist. Went to the factory and called upon Mrs. Morris but she was not home.
Then went to Mrs. Springs. Mrs. Smith and Ernie were there. Then went to Mrs. Barnhart's and Mrs. Wilder's to Mort's to supper. Ila is getting wealth from. Took a bouquet from Mrs. Knapp for her. At a good time went downtown in the evening. Charles came home with me that did not stay as it rained so hard he went right home. Jack cannot get home to lay. It went to that 1030. Later sat up till 12 reading did not get to bed as I intended.
  February 20 rain and snow  
  Mama and Mrs. Knapp went to Mrs. Cornell's funeral. Mr. Morris called P.M. had a splendid visit. A. G. was home a few moments. Jack and Wilcox both went away early in the P.M.. I took a nap. Mama at home at about 5 o'clock. Went to bed at 830.  
  February 21 cold stormy snow  
  February 22nd Mild some snow  
  Mama still in A.G.'s Ella very sick. Later Mama came home at 130 P.M.. A girl at A.G.'s. Then went uptown at 530 P.M. and stopped and saw the young baby 10 pounds Mrs. Later and Mrs. Waters both called in the P.M.. Went to W.C.T.N. Social at M. E. church with Mae and Meta? Went to the armory, in late. Charles came home with, we had a visit. The fire bell rang before he left. Jack had just got home from the opera and ran to the firing. Charles went home at 1210. A.G. and Ella's first child, Elsie Lenora Gowdy is born. 

Women's Christian Temperance Union

  February 23rd warm snow  
  Went uptown any A.M.. Saw Lena at studio, gave her Benzine. Got home at noon. Mama went also. Saw Miss Slocum. She said Ella Burton was sick. After dinner went over to Mrs. Legar to take some samples of what I had got.
Came home washed the dishes and the went to Miss Burton's. Staid with her in the P.M. She is quite sick. Went uptown and got Azshis for her.
Jack .......... at the Normandy.
Called in Dr. Gambles. Mrs. -- was in. Jack was late.
Benzine was used as a cleaning agent.
  February 24th colder, snow  
  Not very well today. Mama did some of the washing. I got dinner and helped do up the work. Slept the rest today. Read a little as Zena brought the L. W.. Mrs. Simmons was here in the P.M.. He heard from Ella Burton she is about the same. A. G. came in the evening to bring an announcement of the baby's birth and her picture. Wilcox went to church. Mama cracked some nuts. Jack came home early and went to bed. Had fire in the Parlor and Mama with me and read while I writing.  
  February 25th cold minus 20  
  Sewed on dressing sacque for Mama. In P.M. went over to Mrs. Legar's and took her measures for dress I am going to make for her tomorrow. Mrs. Waters came in and brought the L. H. J. I'm went some. In evening sat in Parlor and hands of practiced mind is longtime and laid down and slept. Jack comes home too late. Mama bought some wood in the first load became today. Retired at 1020. Ladies Home Journal
  February 26 clear and bright  
  A.G. came for Mama this A.M. and Ella was worse. She went and I did the house work. Made graham bread and cake. Went over to Mrs. Knapp's to see Al Legar's twin babies. Went to see Mrs. Foote's baby also. Mrs. Legar was in this evening. Wilcox when up town. Charles came to get a good time. He stayed till after one clock. I swore off late hours. He is coming tomorrow to dinner. Mama still at A.G.'s.  
  February 27 bright and mild  
  Did not go to church. Mama still at A. G.'s. Jack cannot come home to dinner. So great he is sick. Mr. Morris called in the P.M.. I went to the Epworth league with him than we came home and spent spending evening here. Very pleasant time. Did my dinner work after 9 P.M.. Age it was here also Mort and Ila. The justice we were starting church Ila is coming to stay with me Tuesday while Anna entertained at the L.Q.T.M. Hall. Have worked more than I like to a Sunday and very tired.  
  February 28 bright and warm  
  Baked bread. And in p.m. slept till supper time. Got awash by dinner dishes and got supper. Jack came home early and moment bed for 9 o'clock. Mama with Ella yet. I went over to Mrs. Putz this A.M. for big so not used. A.G. was here after some mutton tallow and the bowl.  


Account Book

  Date   Description Received
carried over 1.56    
  5 stockings  
  11  Tappan  
Her salary
  14  ribbon
  14 Mama
  14 Valentine
  14  postage
Did she mail a Valentine to Charles?
  14 Dr. Gabes
Almost a whole week's wages went to pay the doctor.
  19 combs
  22  bead trimming