Contonou Means Death:
Murder At The American Cultural Center

A Lynne Lewis West Africa Mystery

by Rosemary Yaco


Section One (Acrobat format) Section Four (Acrobat format)

1. Crisis at the Checkpoint
2. A State of Instability
3. The President's Representative
4. The Language of Shakespeare
5. Assembling the Cast
6. A Man Without a Country
7. Interagency Cooperation?
8. Thoughts and Threats
9. In the Interest of Security

30. Hurray For Democracy!
31. Just A Country Boy
32. Come Fly With Me
33. A Turning Point
34. A Rival
35. Ambassador in Wonderland
36. Two Telephone Calls
37. Torrid Zone
38. A Beninese Wedding And A Funeral
39. National Voodoo Day Holiday

Section Two (Acrobat format) Section Five (Acrobat format)

10. Something Fishy
11. A Wicked Witch of the West
12. An Undiplomatic Demand
13. Safe at Home?
14. Napoleon Can Fix It
15. Defenestration
16. Who's in Charge?
17. Questions and Resolutions
18. Students and Spies
19. Saturday's Child

41. A Little Learning
42. Waterloo For Napoleon
43. War! War! In Cotonou!
44.In Another Country
45. Serpents In Paradise
46. Finding The Truth
47. Mc Duff Has a Plan
48. Solving a Locked Door Mystery
49. Four W's and How
50. The Beckoning Future
51. At the End of the Day

Section Three (Acrobat format)

20. A Local Observer
21. Sometimes on Sunday
22. A Simple Ceremony
23. Suspicious Characters
24. Reinforcements Arrive
25. Defending The Book Rack
26. The Night Of The Branches
27. Love Amidst The Rubble
28. Information And Disinformation
29. Father Akimbo Speaks

Copyright @ 2002 Rosemary Yaco