Nora Gowdy Diaries-1898




  November 3rd  
  Spent the p.m. at the studio with Lena. A.G. said Ella was going to Albion tomorrow.  
  November 6  
  Albert, Minnie and their little girl Erfa spent today with us. All attended Sunday school in the evening. Mrs. Pierce called. They went to church. Love and I wrote letters instead. I wrote to Aunt Ella. Erfa is a Biblical name. The continent Africa is based on that same name.
  November 20  
  Wrote to Mama.  
  November 21st  
  Father came on us very unexpected this evening but nonetheless welcome. Was ordered here for medical examinations for increase of pensions. Had a letter from Mama and a box of roses. She is now with Aunt Nettie. Father is John W. Morris, Love's father. He is a veteran of the Civil War and gets a pension from the government.
  November 24th  
  Father ate Thanksgiving dinner with us, as A.G. and Anna went to her sisters'. Love was off all day and we just had a good visit. I have felt real miserable all day so have not done much but get dinner. Love and Father went prayer meeting.  
  November 25th  
  Two delegates for the C. E. convention A Mr. Bumshaw  and Mr. Eberhard from Shawtown (Brouson & Mattison) C.E. may mean Christian Evangelical.

They came for supper and were here all night. Father, Love and I went over to Mr. Radabaugh's for the evening. Had a splendid time. Father spent tonight at Al's.

  November 26  
  My delegates left early this a.m. and did not come back for dinner.  
  November 27th  
  Went to church and Sunday School. Father went to Alfred's dinner. Al is sick. Threatened with pneumonia. Father went to church and in evening Mort, Anna, Ida, Jack and Minnie were there are all the evening so Love did not go. I was too tired anyway. Father came back in evening to stay all night.  
  November 28  
  Father went to the G.A.R. post meeting in evening then came back here for the night. He's going home tomorrow. I wrote a letter to Dollie F. Johnson. She has never written me since I was married, I wrote to her just before that important event. Grand Army of the Republic is for Union Civil War Veterans


  November 29th  
  Father went home today. Took my letter to the Depot to mail.