Nora Gowdy Diaries - 1898




  May 1st Sunshine and shower.
  Am little better today yesterday was a hard one. Anna and Ila were here in the p.m. and I was so sick, cannot stand Ila's noise. Wilcox quit Tappan about 10 o'clock and is going home to West Virginia altogether.
  I was about ready to collapse. Mr. Morris came in the evening and his influence is so strong I got quick.  He has been here today and we have had such a good visit. We took just a little bit of a walk. Ella was here. Harry and Minnie in twice and could not sit down as usual. They always stand around. They went out wheeling. Went to Anna's but she was not at home. Sent a letter to Charley this a.m.. Jack took it to the 6:46 train. Grace Leger's birthday. Took her a picture and frame. 'Quick' here probably means more mentally alert.
  May 2nd sunshine and showers  
  Am some better today. Had a letter from Banks he is now in Florida. Jack took his letter to the Reporter for publication. Anna and Ila are here this evening they're going to stay all night. Mrs. Ray was here. Lena Spring and Charlie Trotter were here. Lena came to bring my wheel as I sent for it to go up town tomorrow. Wilcox is still hanging on.  
  May 3 cold and dull  
  Too cold for me to go up town so sent the wheel to Lena by Becky Simmons. Mrs. Jagger came in to ask us all to dinner. Jack and I went. Mama got dinner for Wilcox. He started for home tonight.  
  May 5
Love came to go to Prayer Meeting but I was not well enough to go so he staid with me all the evening.
  May 6
Love is here again tonight. Jack came home earlier than he used to.
  May 7
Love was here again tonight. He brought me some more medicine. Anna and Ila staid all night.
  May 8  
  Jack at Minnie's to dinner. Love here with me. Anna and I went to the Baptist Church in the a.m.. Went to the M.E. to S. S. in the p.m. Love and I went out on our walk to the Mill race. Sat on the bridge a long time had a splendid visit. A most beautiful day in the evening we went to Union meeting at the St. Mark's church Mr. Morris got very tired but I stood very well. There was not much entertainment in a small Mid-western town in the late 1800's. Perhaps that's why Nora and her family go to several different churches. This time it is the Methodist Evangelical.
  May 9  
  Mort came home tonight at midnight. Went uptown. Lena came to supper. Ethel Trotter came after her and they went wheeling. Love came along and we went uptown to hear 8 -- -- and came back and sang out of the book he brought to me.  
  May 10  
  Anna and Georgia Stewart went to be Bronson today Ila came here Mort came to dinner and to supper. Love came to go with me to the entertainment at the Prst. Church but on account of the death of Mrs. D. H. Davis it has been postponed so we stayed here and visited.  
  May 11  
  Ila and Mort still here are. Anna came home at 9:00 they are to stay all night. Went to Mrs. --'s but she was not home. Mrs. Zimmerson called me into her house. Walter Priest and wife are there had a good visit with them  
  May 12th  
  Went up prayer meeting with Love rather a stale meeting too, until afterwards at home we had a good meeting.  
  May 13
A beautiful day and La Pearl's Circus is in town. Love and I went in the evening. Up town in the a.m. and wheeling in the p.m. Went to the Cemetery . Had a jolly time all day. Saw Sam Grove, one of our old neighbors on the farm.
The Gowdy farm was in Batavia, Michigan.
  May 14 fine weather  
  Cleaned the parlor in the a.m. and went with Love to Quincy to see a balloon ascension it was very good. We again went to the Cemetery ... was a very pretty place. Intended to go up town in the evening but as it rained little I did not go later this sofa and slept. Quincy and Coldwater Michigan are bpth in Branch County.
Whose grave did they go to see? Nora's father's?
  May 15 fine weather  
  Went to church at the Presbyterian. Love was there Rev. W. B. W. Davis spoke. Love and I went to the -- at that M. E. together then he walked to the corner with me. Anna and Mort, AG and Ella were here in p.m.. Love and I went wheeling and then came home to go to lead but Walter Priest and wife were here to call so we did not go to evening service and then to the Presbyterian Rev. Mr. Chandler spoke he and Davis were there for Mrs. D. H. Davis's funeral.  
  May 16 hot and bright  
  Wash and sewed and did work outdoors. Charlie was home on furlough and came down to see me. I went to the Depot this p.m. to see him with others start off. They're expecting to go to Tampa this week. I am all broken up again and almost wish I had not seen him. From training camp for the Spanish American War.
  May 17  
  Went with Love to see the Holy City at the Presbyterian Church. It was bad. I did not feel very fine and Love came and stayed, till I told him what was the matter, which I did until about 12. He is so good and kind to me I could not do very well without I'm afraid. He's helps me to keep my spirits out says he will do all he can to make me forget Charles and that is what I want to do.  
  May 19
Love came to go to prayer meeting but I did not want to go as I was so tired. Propped up the grapevine gate and started to build some steps at the back door when it began to rain. I got wet and came and went to sewing so by night I was decisively tired. Mama went out to the Opera house with Mrs. Jagger. Had a letter from Aunt Ella. She wants her two girls to spend the summer with us.
  May 20 fine and hot  
  Finished the walk and steps did some more ironing and sewed some. Lena Spring came in the evening. I went home with her and she came back to stay all night. She had a letter from Brown and a picture. It is so strange I do not hear from him; have written him twice but can get no answer.  
  May 21
Ila is sick and Mama went up there. I answered Auntie's letter. We are too poor to keep the girls all summer. -- was here to dinner and then see after Mama. Went up town in the morning left in here, had lots of fun. He is it dear good fellow. Went to Dr. Gamblis office and had a long talk with him. He tested my lungs and gave me quite a thorough exam.
  May 22nd  
  Got breakfast for Jack at 5:00. He and Minnie went to Lima to visit her aunt. AG and Allen were home. We went for walk had a shower Mrs. Foote and called, came in for a time. Lima, Ohio
  Love and I went to see a house on the Tappan addition. We're going to be married in June. Nora's getting married!!!
  May 23rd  
  Opened the store for Jack and let him sleep as he did not get home till 3 a.m. Got some slippers. Stopped at Ella's. Had a letter from Brown. Jack and A.G. run the Gowdy Brothers Photography Studio. Many of the photos on these pages were taken by them.
  May 25 - 26 ripped out One wonders why these pages are ripped. No other pages are missing from this whole diary.