Nora Gowdy Diaries - 1898




  March 3rd  
  Finished washing, put clean papers on the cupboard shelves, cleaned the kitchen, ironed some. A.G. was here in the evening. Wilcox went church. Mrs. Carroll called. Mama did not come home today. Harry did not home till late. Had heard nothing from Charles and very anxious. I'm so afraid he is sick. I would hope he writes or sends word tomorrow. Intended to go to meeting but had many interruptions and did not get my work done in time. Retired at 945.  
March 4th  
  Bright and warm  
  Baked bread and cake and ironed. Went over to Ella's in the P.M.. She's getting along nicely. Mrs. Road was there. Stopped on the way back at Mrs. Burdens. Etta is sick and they wanted me to come and sit   with her some P.M. soon. I will try and go tomorrow. I went to Mrs. Stones to an Epworth League social this evening. Had a good time. Mr. Morris was there and came home with me. He is not well. I'm so sorry for him I try to cheer him all I can that Knapp went did what. No word from Charles and am so anxious I do not know how to stand it. He must surely come or write tomorrow. Retired 1135.  
  March 5th
Aunt Sarah came and had supper with us.
  March 6th  
  Over slept and did not go to church. Swept the sitting room Mama came home Mr. And Mrs. Foote called with the baby. She's very nice. I went church and got Lena Springs she spent the date with mean. August came and went to Y. P. L. C. E. . And evening service at the Presbyterian Church. Came hereinafter and sang had not fund. Mr. Morris was at the C.E. he wanted to come home with me but of course he could not. Is coming Wednesday. Wilcox to church or Sunday school. Went to see baby is P.M. Lena and I. Retired at 11. Young Peoples L. Church Evangelist ?
  March 7th  
  Bright and warm  
  Baked cookies in the A.M.. Mama came home in the P.M. and did up the dinner work for me while I went and sat with Etta Burton. She is better. Came home at 1:20. Supper and read and slept till Jack came home at 8:15. Talked a while. He went to bed and I laid on the sofa in the Parlor till 9:30 when Charles came down after Drill. Army Drill?
  He stayed till very late we had a good time but I broke my good resolution and I ... Retired at 2 A.M.. Slept in the Parlor.  
  March 8  
  Bright sunshine 60 degrees  
  Baked bread in the A.M.. Went over to Mrs. Legar's in P.M. Mrs. Legar and Mrs. Waters were in. Went the Studio and spent the time with Lena Spring. Had good time as usual, Edith Clark was there and sat for pictures. Made a hook on the stick Charles gave me last night. Went to the church for supper had a good supper and good visit. Saw Mrs. Bauohouse. Mama is home tonight to sleep. I was at Ella's in the P.M.. She is doing well. Slept in the Parlor last night and breakfast at 6 A.M. this A.M.. Retired 840  
  March 9th  
  Bright and warm 65 degrees  
  Sewed some and puttered more. Mrs. Zimmerman came and got my carpet rags and paid me 40 cents for them. Mr. Morris spent the evening. We have most delightful evening. He did not go to home till 12 midnight. He told me of his wife. How much I was like her. He does not like Charles. Does not think he'll ever make me happy. I could be happy with Love and not half try. But he said he is engaged to another girl, who lives way in the East. Lena does not like me to go with Charles either. And I am not at all satisfied or contented with it either He has not done the fair thing by me. If I did not love him so well I would have quit him long ago.  
  March 10  
  Worked on Mrs. Legar's dress most of the day. Spent the P.M. with her and Mr. Legar in home. Mama was home a few moments today. Bessie Simmons was here at noon. Received another sheet of music from Pearl. He certainly thinks of me to say the least. How I would like to see him! Oh! if I could only I could love him as I do Charles. He deserves it and would give the good home and I believe he would be a good husband. The time may come when I will wish I had not been so impatient and exacting. Only time can answer it. Retired at 943.  
  March 11  
  Mama was at home most today, got dinner for me. I worked on Mrs. Legar's dress. Mrs. L.. Was in the P.M.. Also Minnie to ask me to supper with her. Mama goes to Elkhart tomorrow. Jack ate supper there too. Mama got supper for Wilcox and then left. Bessie S. was in this A.M. and wiped the breakfast dishes for me. She is coming to help me tomorrow. Swept the whole house downstairs and mopped the kitchen and dining room. Started bread tonight. Jack did not come home. I wrote to Banks.  
  March 12th  
  Bessie Simmons helped me all the forenoon. In P.M. Bessie and Grace Legar and I went to the shoe factory, the studio, Van Schoick's and then home. Had a jolly time. Rained hearty in the evening. Mama came home before noon and did not go back as her head ached so hard. I told Mrs. Van Schoick that she was not able to do so. I did some washing left the clothes in tub to finish Monday.  
  March 13  
  Went to church with Jack. Went to the M.E. Sunday school. Saw Mr. Morris. Walk with him and Lena Spring so he came. [?] Had baked fish for dinner and stomach ache after. Mama did not go back to Ella's. Mr. Morris called at 4 o'clock and 6 we went to the League meeting and staid to evening service. Then went to Lena Springs. August was with Lena. We had some music. Mr. Morris came in and staid till after 11 o'clock. Jack was home till almost night.[sic]  
  March 14  
  Bright and warm  
  I have not been well today. Mama stayed home and we managed to get the washing all done. In the P.M. Nellie Legg came. we have a good visit. Mrs. Jagger and Minnie and Gert Perry. Called outside to see my bike. Jack brought it from the repair shop. It looks funny! Went to the Armory in the evening. Grace Legar went with me. Charles came home with me stayed with me till 130 A.M.. I tried to break with him, but it is no use I cannot do it so we will try it again. Mama went back to Ella's tonight.  
  March 15  
  Dull and rainy  
  Went over to Mrs. Foote's and Mrs. Zimmerman's in the P.M.. Took the rest of my carpet rags to her. Came home and mini was here. I do not feel very well yet but have to keep going. Mama came home in the rain got soaking wet. She is not going back. Ella is so well. Worked on a block for Minnie's bedspread. Wrote to Love Morris canceling our date for tomorrow night.  
  March 16  
  Showers and sunshine  
  Still feeling miserable, did some mending. Mr. Tappan sent for me to come to the factory to work again. I want to go as soon as I am able to C.E. -- tonight. Jack went; I wanted to but was not well enough. Mrs. Simmons was here in the P.M.. Brought up cloak she wants to fix for Bernice. Worked on Minnie's block in the evening. Jack came home and worked on one too. Mama is also making one. Wilcox was gone awhile this evening. Nora is working on a 'block' for a quilt for Minnie. Quilts are traditionally made for brides by friends and family. Are Jack and Minnie getting married?   
  March 17  
  St. Patrick's Day in the morning. Am not at well today. Have laid around home and slept. Let Minnie take my wheel this P.M.. Mann came to build a fence between us and Wilbur's. Mama went up town. Rode with Mort. He was here to deliver fence.  
  March 18  
  Received a letter from Banks. Not at all well today and afraid I've got the --. Did not do any work to amount to anything. Mort and Ila were here in the eve.  
  March 19  
  Had a letter from Aunt Nettie and answered it. Went to over to Mrs. Legar's in P.M. and evening to. Gave Grace some pictures for her scrap book. Lena was here at noon.  
  March 20th  
  Have been real sick all day. Jack and Mama went to church. Jack did not come back tell after midnight. A.G. was home a little while. Mama and I were very lonesome. I could not sit up hardly any all day. Mr. and Mrs. Diamond called in the evening. Wilcox had Mr. Morris' wheel. Jack came home to dinner.  
  March 21st  
  Quite sick all day. At noon Mr. Wilcox brought me an invitation from Mr. Morris to this social at the M. E. church tomorrow night. I wrote him I was not well but would let him know if I could go. Charles was here in the evening. Went to the Armory and got excused and came back. Mama Mrs. Jagger and Mr. Wilcox went to watch the boys drill. Jack intended to go but on account of the range he came home and went to bed about 845. Charles when home at 11 we had a good time as usual. He wants me to go and have a good time tomorrow night as well as all other times.