Nora Gowdy Diaries - 1901,1913,1915





June 29
"Grand Rapids, MI"

Nora and Love may have moved to Grand Rapids on this date. Not sure why.

1913  May

  May 2nd   Coldwater  
  Charity [Morris Smith] came last night with her one girl Hassun, from Conconully, Washington.Charity started for Troy, Ohio to visit Father and Mother. Conconully, WashingtonConconully, 

Photo by Larry L. Bailey

Charity is one of  Love's sisters.
  May 9 Coldwater   
  A cold disagreeable day. Letter from Harry coming home for 30th. Card from Deaconess Mitcalf she is also coming.  

1915  Nov

  November 1  
  Moved from 44 West Montgomery Street to 325 North Hudson Street. In Coldwater, Michigan
  November 25th  
  Thanksgiving day  
  Very warm and beautiful in the morning. Albert and Mother here in the evening.  
  November 26  
  Legrand went to Kalamazoo to Boys Conference. Georgia Stam and Mr. Tunpening paid his way. Saw Herbert Wells at the Depot. Herbert Wells may be a cousin of Susanna Pelham Gowdy's.