Nora Gowdy Diaries - 1898




  June 19 Her wedding day!
  Have been too busy to write for some time. Love and I were married today at 4 P.M. Mr. Collin and wife were present besides Love's family and Lena Spring. After the ceremony some of the neighbors came in to see me and then Love and I went to our house Jack and Minnie came with a surrey [a horse and buggy] and we went out for a drive.
In the evening some young people came into no see were we really married. Am so tired tonight I cannot see. Sent a letter to Katie Eldock. She sent me a gift Friday.
House in Coldwater Michigan where 

            Love and Nora were married June 19 - 1898

Written on the back of this photo: "House in Coldwater Michigan where Love and Nora were married June 19 - 1898 ..."

  June 20
Went over to Mother Morris 's this A.M. better went up town and called on the --- stopped at Ella's a moment. Took the 1210 train for Muncie. Arrived here sometime in evening. Went to Loves sister Lelia's first ... will be at Charity's for the night. Was too tired and seasick to enjoy anything very much.
Muncie, Indiana is where Lelia and Charity, Love's sisters live.Lela and Charity Morris
  June 21st
It was raining this A.M. when we got a Love went over to Islands for my bicycle suit. After it stopped raining in the P.M. out to the Cemetery A.M..

Out to Whitley --- a [suburb ?] where Love used to live. Made some calls. Went to Lelia's a moment then went back to Charities. Bought a carnation for Mollie's grave.


Mollie was Love's late first wife.

  June 22nd
Went to a reception at the Love's teacher had very pleasant time am invited here for dinner Friday. Spend today with Lelia but went back to Charities at night.
  June 23rd
  Came to Lelia's today. Went up town in P.M. and evening went to the glass factory to watch them blow glass jars.