Nora Gowdy Diaries - 1900




  July 13
The wedding went off all right but I tired out.
Nora's brother Albert gets married?
  "Monday 8 a.m. July 16"  
  Grand Rapids, MI
A nasty rainy morning. We were to move from our present place, 75 South Jefferson Street where we have been since the first of May, to our new home, recently purchased at 117 North Division. We are here at last. We have three carpets down and we're both tired out. Both worked all day yesterday even if it was Sunday.
  July 17  
  My 29th birthday  
  Love at home in p.m., not very well and neither am I so did not get very much done. He now works for the Herald Butch Shoe Company of this place, Grand Rapids. He gave me an image for our clock for a birthday present.  
  July 18  
  Mrs. Warrel called upon me, our former landlady.  
  July 19  
  Mrs. Warrel here again today.  
  July 21  
  Mama came tonight to remain indefinitely.  
  July 22  
  Mama, Love, Legrand and I went to bed late... their supper. Had a good time but am oh so tired.  
  July 23  
  Mama and I feel about used up today. Love does but little work. Will wash tomorrow, have clothes soaking. Very hot and dry.  
  July 25  
  Am not a bit well Nora is almost nine months pregnant with Hiram Gowdy Morris, her second son.
  July 27  
  Sick this a.m., have not been well in a long time.  
  July 31  
  We went out to Grace Cleveland's for dinner today, had a lovely time as usual.