Nora Gowdy Diaries - 1900




  August 22nd
Mr. Forte came home tonight. He is sick. Mama went into town to see him. She is going to North Adams tomorrow. Love says he is going to take me to the country for two weeks or till I get well.
Love and Nora's second son, Hiram is less than three weeks old. Taking care of Newell,  Hi (as he would be called for the next 70 years) and doing the manual labor involved in running a non-electric house much have been exhausting.
  August 23rd
Mama came this A.M. to get breakfast for Love as we were just eating. I cannot get up much and Mama has written she will not go to North Adams but stay with me till I'm well instead of me going to the country.

We know so little about 'Mama', Susan Pelham.

  August 25th
Had a letter from Cousin Ette and one from Father and Mother Morris. Minnie G. came over to see how I was, brought some nuts to me. I am some better today.
[insert picture of Minnie Gowdy]