Nora Gowdy Diaries - 1898




  April 1st  

Mrs. Morris and Lena Spring were here in evening. He brought me a box of bon-bons had a good time when they started for home the ground was covered with snow.

  April 2nd dull and pleasant  
  Am not at all well today. swept the parlor in Jack's room up stairs in the P.M. did not too much. In the evening wrote to Banks and to Alma Cole. Charles came down in the morning but not come actually the. He thinks the ---- us to dissolve partnership. It is very hard to do it but it must be done. I'd feel hard to words. I feel he is done a wrong I can hardly believe he would be so selfish and thoughtless. I suppose I can live  however without him.  
  April 3rd bright and pleasant but cool  
  A.G. and Ella and Elsie came home to dinner for the first time since the baby came. Morton and Anna came in the P.M..
I am as near sick as I care to be. My throat is very sore and I am very tired Mr. and Mrs. Frost[?] ... came in and Mrs. Knapp were here also.
  April 6  
  [At the top of page] A. G. G. and E. V. S. 1897

Carol and Jesse Locke are to be married tonight. I was invited to the wedding. But as I am sick in bed I cannot go.

The first anniversary of her brother, Albert Grant Gowdy and Ella Van Shock. Their family Bible is owned by the family.
April 9  
  Have been sick and bed all week since last Sunday night. Am a little better tonight so that I got up a little had my wrap the on and late on the sofa in the parlor in the evening Mr. Morris came and sat with me while Mama went to the market. He is been very kind to me; all the week has been here and helped while away many otherwise weary hours.  
  April 10 bright but cool  
  Mama went to church. Mr. Morris came and staid with me Carol S. asked to Sunday School time. Denny came again in evening. I was able to get up and have my dress on. He brought me some carnations. Jack and Minnie were here in the P.M.. Morton and Anna came in the evening. Mort went to the St. Mark with Mr. Wilcox.  
  April 11 bright and warm President McKinley asks for declaration of war against Spain.
  Ella's baby home. Miss Slocum came into see me and brought me some carnations in A.M. Hewlett ... Mrs. Townsend called on Mama. Mrs. J. Gogh was in the evening from Alley Patterson. I had gone to bed but she came and sat on the bed with me a long time. She is going back to Colon this week. I'm getting better fast.  
  April 12 warm bright  
  ..... here in the A.M. I went over to Mrs. Living... a little while. In the P.M. took a bath and Mama and I went to Mrs. Putz's. From there we went to Mrs. Richards A.M. Mama went up town. Mr. Arwell was not at home. I went to Ella's, Mrs. ... A.M. Mrs. Simmer is ... None of them at home. Talked with Mrs. Finney a long time. Came home, called on Mrs. Jackson. She is moved to where the Waters did live. Mr. Morris and his sister, Mrs. Smith spent the evening with me, had a very pleasant time. Charity Morris Smith and Son
Mrs. Charity Morris Smith and son
  April 13 dull and windy
  April 16 windy day
  I went out into the country with Mr. Hilliar. Went up town in the evening with Mr. Ann. Came home. Saw Charles a moment. Had a letter from J. S. I wrote a him last week while I was in bed. My throat is sore again.
  April 17 another beautiful day very warm
  Did not go to church in morning or in P.M.. Mr. Morris came down and went up to Mort's on our way from there would went down to Jefferson Street to be wind that home. ... is very tired so we staid here are all the evening. AG and Ella came home a little while my throat is no better.
  April 18 dull and cold  
  Have not been well today Jack got some medicine from Dr. Gamble but it did no good. I am so discouraged. I feel as though I'd never would be well . Mama and Mrs. Simmons went to the Opera house to see "Other People's Money". Wilcox worked at this factory. Jack came home early and went to bed early.  
  April 19 cold and windy, rainy  
  Brought home more medicine that helped my throat last night but I do not to feel as well today. Did not get up any this A.M..  
  April 24  
  Mort and A.G. here today. They were called to Islands Lake Fort Tuesday. Jack could not come in long enough to say goodbye. He took dinner with Minnie. Love Morris was here with me. I was nearly tired out but got rested before bedtime. I do get well so slow. Spain declares war on the U.S.
  April 25 Congress declares war on Spain
  April 26  
  The boys in blue went to Island Lake this A.M.. I was sick in bed so could not go to see them off. Charles came yesterday to say goodbye. A G. and Mort were home Sunday. "Coldwater Light Guards left for Spanish-American war."
  April 30 warmth and dull some sunshine  
  Well, I've had a hard old siege of it but am getting better slowly. Am up most of the time now ... so weak can hardly get around. Mr. Morris and his mother were here last evening. He's been so very kind all through my illness. Have had several letters from Banks who is now in Mobile AL. Had a letter from Charles today. Some of boys "flunked" and came home. I'm glad my boy was not one. They were mailed to Morgan, Lloyd George, George Raymond and Burt Russell. Ella was here yesterday and brought me .... She has been so quick to me since I've been sick. Their mother has been here twice. Ella has about all she can stand to take care of studio. Ella takes care of the Gowdy Studio, a photography studio, while her husband A.G. is training to be in the Spanish American War.